::Tony Harris – the discography….. 

Tony with a projection of the transit of Venus on a white card.
Tony the Scientist



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JackDaw Ghost In The Big House
John Featherstone La Fin du Commencement
RAD Orchestra RAD Orchestra
Melech Mechaya Aurora
Blake’s Fortune Hello World
Chair Wireless
Chair Chair
The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing Not Your Typical Victorian
The Last Great Dreamers Transmissions From Oblivion
The Last Great Dreamers Crash Landing In Teenage Heaven
The Wayne Drury Project Songs from the Saddlebag
The Look Tunes and Stories
George Donaldson The White Rose
Hannah Clair Comfort Zone
Paul Bleach Songs of Innocence and Experience
Mosi Conde Kaira Kora Africa
Benjamin Folke Thomas Benjamin Folke Thomas EP
Fakir We’ll See When We Get There
Ryan Kelly In Time
John Featherstone Resonance
Ultimate Behemoth Contrary and Western
The Chris Sykes Band Walking on the Beach
Charley Bird Alone
Katie Goldsmith Beach Huts & Orange Peel
Tracie Hunter Screaming Super Ego
Predominant Lunatics Thirteen Lost Souls
The Sayme We’re All The Sayme
Pina Kollars Guess You Got It
Lisa Mona Above the Sky Below the Sea
The Bikini Beach Band Tide’s Out
John Featherstone Rien de Nouveau
George Murphy Dreamed a Dream
Mike Gibson City Farm
John Featherstone Credo
Quinta Do Bill Nómadas
A Million Voices World Cup Anthem 2006
Rão Kyao Fado Virado a Nascente
Xutos E Pontapés XIII
Phil Coulter Highland Cathedral
The Celtic Tenors The Celtic Tenors
Glitterbug Music Saved Us
Lovebugs 13 Songs With A View
Lovebugs Transatlantic Flight
Lovebugs 901122
The Clash Cut the Crap
Yo Yos Uppers & Downers
Phil Coulter & James Galway Winters Crossing
Phil Coulter Local Heroes
Zubop Tekezee
Rolf Harris Can You Tell What It Is Yet?
Roma Downey Healing Angel
John Etheridge Chasing Shadows
Menthol Weapon Menthol Weapon
Sinead O’Connor Universal Mother
Verve Superstar
Verve Gravity Grave
REM Fables of the Reconstruction
The Lucy Show Mania
Sisters Of Mercy First & Last & Always
10,000 Maniacs Wishing Chair
Everything But The Girl Acoustic
Yazz Wanted
Junior Giscombe Renewal
Runrig Searchlight
Gallon Drunk You the Night & the Music
Bad Company Dangerous Age
Bad Company Holy Water
The Fall Bend Sinister
The Triffids Calenture
Trash Can Sinatras Cake
The Weather Prophets Mayflower
Dr Phibes Hypnotwister
World of Leather St Mark’s Place
World of Leather Jesus Christ Superstore
X-Ray Spex Concious Consumer
Coil Horse Rotivator
That Petrol Emotion Babble
Frankie Ford Cruisin’ with Frankie Ford
Ian Mathews Shook
Ginji Ito Hyper / Hyper
Ginji Ito Dream Arabesque
Ginji Ito Ginji
Uli Jon Roth Electric Sun
Gretschen Hofner Maria Callous
Slab Descension
The Hoax Sound Like This
Thor Only The Strong
Airhead Boing!
Margarita Rosa Margarita Rosa De Francisco
El Camarón de la Isla Soy Gitano
Jesus And Mary Chain Darklands
Coronation Street The Coronation Street Album
Julian Cope Peggy Suicide
British Telecom
Tetley Bitter
National Lottery
Mark Lamarr
Jo Brand
Lee Evans
The Cure
Gay Dad
The Creatures
Lynden David Hall
Eagle Eye Cherry
Ian Dury tribute concert (Brixton Academy)
Pete Townshend Lifehouse(Sadlers Wells)